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Since the Big Day: Kelly and Roger

posted: 01/08/15
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Kelly and Roger had a picture-perfect wedding day.

It's been three years since Kelly and Roger's wedding was featured on "Say Yes to the Dress: The Big Day." The native Jersey girl and Ohio coach were living in Ohio while they planned their "Alice in Wonderland"-themed wedding in New Jersey, and now they live in Connecticut with their dogs.

Who could forget Kelly's larger-than-life personality (watch the clip below for a reminder!) and the blow-out fight she had with her mom? The bride, who describes her style as "Atlantic City hooker who shops at Bloomingdale's," and groom met on a Web site for guys who like "chubby girls" and got engaged after just three months. While they've never regretted their union, they certainly have a few things to say about the wedding planning process and the art of being married. In an all-new special, they recap their big day and talk about their biggest wedding planning mistake. (Hint: It's got something to do with the guest list and wedding party.)

Kelly's always the first one to crack a joke -- or make Roger blush with an irreverent remark -- but she gets serious when she talks about communication. "We really work at our marriage," she says. "What marriage is perfect?" She admits that the couple spent their first year of marriage "not communicating at all on a human level." So how did they get past that? Kelly and Roger reveal the secret to their now-happy marriage and give advice to other newlyweds.

Watch "Say Yes to the Dress: Since the Big Day" on Friday, Jan. 9 at 10/9c.

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