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Since the Big Day: Autumn and Sonny

posted: 12/23/14
by: TLC
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Autumn and Sonny during the height of wedding planning.

Ever wondered what happens to the couples from "Say Yes to the Dress: The Big Day" after they exchange vows? For the first time, get an unprecedented look at the everyday lives these unforgettable couples share -- starting with Autumn and Sonny.

She's an attorney, he's in real estate. They met in college and promised it'd be true love forever (even if he has the annoying habit of speaking in third person!). Sonny bankrolled a million-dollar wedding complete with Jewish and Hindu ceremonies and three outfit changes for the bride. So, how does the couple feel now about all the excess? Was it really worth it? Autumn and Sonny talk about how they spent their wedding budget and what regrets they have.

Two years married, Autumn and Sonny show off their home and its incredibly unique decor, and they introduce two important new members of the family. What relationship advice do they have for newlyweds? And how has their relationship evolved?

Below, get a recap of their wedding day.

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