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Randy Knows Best About Everything!

posted: 03/20/14
by: TLC

Randy Fenoli is the go-to guy for bridal fashion -- and bride empowerment! He doesn't just help brides find their perfect dress, he also helps counsel and console them when they're feeling confused, insecure, or overwhelmed. Enjoy this list of Randy-isms and classic Say Yes moments!

Bling, Bling, Ca-ching!

Randy knows that a bride can look gorgeous at any price point, and he doesn't shy away from the challenge of dressing brides with tight budgets ... or impressing those with enormous budgets! Everyone has a budget, Randy says. Even if the sky is the limit, that's still a limit. Take a look at one of the most budget-busting brides in Say Yes history -- Kelly, who bought a $34,000 Pnina Tornai dress.

Committing to the Guy Was the Easy Part

Randy knows that saying yes during a proposal is a lot easier than saying yes to a dress. With so many options to choose from, how can a girl ever pick her perfect bridal look? For some brides, saying yes to the dress is especially hard because their standards are sky high. In this video, Randy panics when a girl who's sold on one unique Pnina Tornai dress swears she won't wear anything else.

My Mother, My Frenemy

Randy knows that a mother's approval is essential to a bride's happiness. If she doesn't like the dress, the bride won't say yes. He's got a way of bringing moms around when they don't exactly share the bride's perspective. These classic Say Yes brides have way different visions from their mothers.

Unique (VERY Unique) Bridal Style

Randy knows that a wedding dress is the most important garment a woman will ever wear, and that's why he wants her to look and feel like the best version of herself. But sometimes, brides have awfully strange ideas about how they want to look. Never one to pass judgment, Randy helps a bride find the right dress for her preferred style. This bride wanted a gothic, vintage grandma look, and check out a video of one who wanted to look like a sexy pirate. (We can't make this stuff up.)

Say Yes to Sexy

Randy knows that brides with killer bodies want to show them off -- they've worked hard for the right to show their curves! Flaunt it, sure, but be true to your bridal style, your venue and the taste level of your guests. These brides show off some of the sexiest dresses from Kleinfeld. Wowza, right?!

A Few Good Men

Randy knows that besides the groom, there are bound to be some pretty special guys in the bride's life. Whether it's a brother, best friend or amateur fashion consultant, they're not shy about visiting Kleinfeld. Check out two of the sweetest celeb guests in Say Yes history: comedian Seth Meyers and drummer from the Roots, Questlove.

The Company You Keep

Randy knows that a supportive entourage can make or break an appointment. When he sees a bride relinquishing her vision to a critical peanut gallery, Randy isn't afraid to step in. In this video, he regulates with a little sister gets bossy. "Let me remind you," he says, "it's going to be her wedding."

Daddy Dearest

Randy knows there's sometimes a delicate tug of war between dads and daughters: he wants his little girl to look like a princess, she wants to look sexy. But he also knows that a father can be a bride's biggest advocate, whether that means opening up his wallet or speaking up on her behalf. In this video, a dad vows that his little girl will have the most unique dress money can buy -- watch!

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