Quiz: Could you be a Kleinfeld consultant?


Kleinfeld Bridal is famous for the expertise of its consultants, helping every bride find the perfect wedding dress unique to her budget, figure and style -- no matter how challenging the task may be. Do you have what it takes to join the Kleinfeld team?

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How many months in advance should a bride start shopping for a wedding dress?

3 to 6 months
6 to 9 months
9 to 12 months

... It’s ideal for a bride to start shopping for her wedding dress 9 to 12 months in advance, allowing plenty of time to shop, compare prices and try on several different dresses. It also ensures that the bride will have plenty of time to come back for alterations.

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A bride asks you how much of her wedding budget should be set aside to pay for her wedding dress. What do you tell her?

5 to 10 percent
12 to 15 percent
18 to 20 percent

... According to Kleinfeld consultant Keasha, a bride should reserve approximately 12 to 15 percent of her budget for a wedding dress.

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True or False: The wedding venue should be reserved before a bride buys a wedding dress.

True: The wedding venue dictates the style, formality and fabrics of a dress.
False: A bride should purchase a dress she likes, regardless of the venue.
Sort of: The only time it matters is with winter weddings.

... Crossing the venue off a bride’s to-do list is a must before shopping for a wedding dress. It’s important to know what time of year a wedding is taking place to choose a dress that’s appropriate for the season, and a venue will determine how formal the dress should be, too.

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A bride asks to try on a dress with an $10,000 price tag. The problem is, she's already told you she can’t spend a dollar over $3,500. What do you do?

Before she tries on the dress, ask the bride if her budget can accommodate the additional expense.
Do your best to find a similar dress within the bride’s budget.
Do not allow her to try on the dress.

... Do your best to find a similar dress within the bride’s budget, and deter her away from the expensive dress altogether. If a bride has a strict wedding dress budget, it’s important to use the appointment time wisely and try on dresses within her given price range.

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What part of a wedding veil indicates how it will fit on a bride’s head?

the length of a veil
the layers of fabric and beading of a veil
the gathering of fabric on a veil’s comb

... The gathering of fabric on the comb indicates how a veil will fit on top of a bride’s head. For example, a comb sewn with several layers of fabric means that the veil will sit high on a bride’s head, creating a full, dramatic look.

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A bride tells you that she would like to try on a dress with Dolman-style sleeves. What are the characteristics of this look?

very short, closely fitted and slightly rounded
joined to the bodice above the elbow and tapered to the wrist
snug to the elbow and then flared at the wrist

... Dolman sleeves often wide and loose-fitting. They join the bodice above the elbow and are tapered to the wrist. Bell sleeves are snug to the elbow and then flared at the wrist, while capped sleeves are very short, closely fitted and slightly rounded.

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A bride asks you what style of veil will match her formal wedding dress with a cathedral train. What do you recommend?

a fingertip-length veil
an elbow-length veil
a chapel-length veil

... A veil should match the formality of a wedding dress. A chapel-length veil extends to the floor, falling about seven feet from the top of the headpiece, complementing a formal wedding dress nicely.

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Your bride says yes to the dress! How many times will she return to Kleinfeld for dress fittings?

one to two
two to four
four to six

... According to Nitsa, Kleinfeld's director of alterations, a bride will need to plan for at least two to four fittings to ensure that her dress is picture-perfect on her big day.

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If a bride is struggling to choose between two dresses, what is the best way for a consultant to help her make a decision?

Encourage the bride to take some time to reflect on her options.
Ask a Kleinfeld manager to help the bride choose a dress.
Allow the bride to extend her appointment as long as she needs to make her decision.

... Appointments at Kleinfeld usually last an hour and a half. To keep other brides from waiting, politely encourage an indecisive customer to think about her decision for an hour outside the salon. She'll feel less pressure away from the fitting room and will have time choose the dress that’s best for her.

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It's imperative for a plus-size bride to find a wedding dress cut from a fabric that flatters her full figure. Which of these fabrics is a smart choice for a plus-size bride?

beaded lace
appliquéd satin
ruched silk dupioni

... Fabrics that are easily ruched -- like silk dupioni -- are very flattering on a curvy figure because the layering of fabric tends to disguise heavier areas. Steer plus-size brides away from beaded materials and appliquéd details that attract attention to problem areas instead of hiding them.

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When is the best time for a bride to choose her undergarments and shoes?

The day of her first fitting.
The day she chooses her wedding dress.
It doesn’t matter: Anytime before the wedding day is fine.

... Mara, a Kleinfeld consultant, says that it’s best for a bride to choose her undergarments and shoes the day of her first fitting. The height of the shoes will determine the length of the wedding dress, and wearing the undergarments will allow the seamstress to alter the dress to a perfect fit.

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A bride comes to Kleinfeld to shop for a red wedding dress, but the only one in the salon is out of her price range. What's the best way to handle this situation?

Tell the bride that you are sorry, but Kleinfeld does not carry red dresses in her price range.
Since the one red dress at Kleinfeld is too expensive, ask the bride if she would consider a white dress with a red sash instead.
Ask the manager if a designer would consider sewing one of their white dresses in red fabric for this particular bride.

... Some designers will consider sewing one of their dresses in red fabric instead of white. In Season 5, Pnina Tornai offered to create one of her white dress designs in red for a bride. However, it’s always best for a consultant to check with a Kleinfeld manager and the designer before telling a bride anything definite.

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Kleinfeld consultants often deal with brides looking for an unique, one-of-a-kind wedding dress. Which designer can you recommend that's exclusive to Kleinfeld?

Stephanie James
Pnina Tornai
Tara Keely

... While many designers sell their wedding dress creations at multiple stores, Pnina Tornai's bridal and evening wear can only be found in the United States at Kleinfeld Bridal in Manhattan.

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Which wedding dress designer is well-known for creating dresses with curve-hugging lace?

Monique Lhuillier
Eugenia Couture
David Fielden

... Monique Lhuillier is known for her exquisite wedding dress designs. Many of them feature delicate lace details that highlight a bride’s silhouette.

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What style dress will flatter a petite bride’s figure?

ball gown

... The cropped bodice of an empire-style wedding dress flatters a smaller bust, and a raised waist creates a vertical silhouette, making a petite bride appear taller.

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Brides and their moms often have conflicting opinions while wedding dress shopping. According to Randy Fenoli, Kleinfeld consultants need a skill set similar to what profession?

A referee: Settling disputes between mother and daughter is part of the job.
A teacher: Instructing a bride and her mother how to work together to find the perfect dress isn’t always easy.
A therapist: It takes strong interpersonal skills and patience to keep brides and thier moms happy.

... Many brides bring their mothers with them to Kleinfeld, and most want their mom's seal of approval before purchasing a dress. Like a therapist, Kleinfeld consultants must be able to stay calm when mothers and daughters disagree, and it often takes patience and understanding to find a dress that satisfies both parties.

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A bride with a very fair complexion asks what dress shade will look best with her skin tone. What do you recommend?

diamond white

... An ivory or beige dress will look unflattering on brides with a fair complexion, but a diamond white dress will complement fair skin beautifully.

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What style of dress might you recommend to a bride with an hourglass figure?

A dress without a fitted waist.
A dress with a mermaid or trumpet silhouette.
A dress with a fuller skirt.

... A dress with a fuller skirt paired with a natural or dropped waist will flatter a bride with an hourglass figure.

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What dress fabric is the best choice for a wedding that will take place on a tropical island?


... Organza, a sheer translucent fabric made from silk, polyester or nylon is a lightweight fabric often worn by brides during warmer months of the year.

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True or False: It's wise for a bride to order a dress two sizes smaller if she plans on losing weight before her wedding day.

True: It's easier to let out a dress than take it in.
False: It's easier to take in a dress than let it out.
It doesn't matter: You can alter a dress however you want.

... A bride should always order a wedding dress in the size that fits the day of purchase. If she loses weight before her wedding day, it's much easier to take in a dress than let it out.