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Kim S. Interview

posted: 01/17/11
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Kim S. from Say Yes to the Dress. See more pictures from Say Yes to the Dress.

Q: When and where was your wedding?

A: Feb. 24, 2007, at Gotham Hall in New York City.

Q: How did you meet your fiance?

A: I met him at a lounge called Light in New York City.

Q: How did he propose?

A: He proposed with a mock-up cover of the New York Post asking me to marry him.

I thought Derek was in Florida on a business trip, but he secretly came home on Sunday while I was on Long Island to set everything up. On Monday, Derek had a friend drive him back to LaGuardia airport so I could come pick him up from his flight.

When Derek got in the car, he had a bunch of folded-up magazines and newspapers. I thought we were going to meet some record producer Derek knew for dinner. We parked the car by our apartment to go home to change for dinner, and when we were walking home, Derek handed me the Post and said, "Did you see the paper today?"

Derek had a mock-up copy of the New York Post made up to say, "Bad boy entrepreneur Derek A. gets engaged to famous singer Kim S." (our picture was on the front cover) ... "Details on Page Six." I just stood there in shock as Derek dropped to one knee in the pouring rain and asked me to marry him. Of course, I said yes!

I was in shock, and in two seconds we were at our apartment, where Derek had arranged a catered party for immediate family and close friends. Derek's friend Matt caught the proposal and surprise on videotape. It was awesome! I dropped my umbrella in the rain when Derek took out the ring - it was too funny.

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Kim S. from Say Yes to the Dress.

Q: What were you looking for in a gown?

A: Something elegant and sophisticated, yet simple and sexy.

Q: Did you know anything about wedding gowns before you had to shop for one?

A: Not a clue.

Q: Why did you pick the gown you picked?

A: I had tried on so many wedding gowns, and I just felt the most comfortable and the most beautiful in the dress I chose.

Q: Did you stay within your budget?

A: Yes, actually I came in under budget.

Q: What was the hardest part about shopping for a dress?

A: Committing to just one dress, since there were so many gorgeous dresses to choose from.

Q: Did you have any meltdowns?

A: Yes, as the wedding approached, my stress level was definitely on the high side. It's all the last-minute details that are the most stressful.

Q: What tips would you give to brides-to-be?

A: Regarding wedding planning, I would definitely tell them to book vendors based on friends' recommendations. Regarding a gown, I would say go to Kleinfeld!

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