Jennifer B. Interview

Jennifer B. from Say Yes to the Dress. See more pictures from Say Yes to the Dress.

Q: When and where is your wedding?

A: The wedding will be on Aug. 2, 2008, in Bluff Point, N.Y., near Penn Yan, in the Finger Lakes region. The ceremony will take place in a nondenominational chapel, and the reception will be held at the historical Esperanza Mansion overlooking Keuka Lake.

Q: How did you meet your fiance?

A:I met Jeremy while we were both graduate students at Cornell University in June 2005. After attending the local Ithaca Festival, I was invited by my friends Sarah and Veng to their friend's backyard barbecue.

Meanwhile, after separately attending the Ithaca Festival, Jeremy was invited by his friend Felix to the same barbecue. Once there, Jeremy impressed me with his volleyball skills, and I impressed him with my affinity for babies. We exchanged numbers and met at Olivia's, a local restaurant, a few days later for drinks and, to Jeremy's surprise, salsa dancing! The next week, I attended Jeremy's dragonboat practice, and the rest is history.

Q: How did he propose?

A:I arrived home in Ithaca after driving six hours from a conference in Boston on a Saturday afternoon, shortly before Jeremy was scheduled to arrive for his weekend visit. When he got there, I was taking a nap and was quite out of it. I was about to return to my restful sleep when Jeremy insisted on giving me a present, to which I responded, "Why? It's not my birthday."

The present was a photo album of many of the places and activities we had enjoyed together. I loved the album and suspected nothing until I got to the second-to-last page: "I love you so much that there is only one last thing to say ... " Turning the page, I saw a picture of a beautiful ring with a diamond and two bright blue sapphires on either side and the words "Will you marry me?" As I shook with excitement, Jeremy presented me with the actual ring. I of course said, "Yes!"

Afterwards, we went to the park where the Ithaca Festival is annually held and walked by the lake while calling our friends and family to tell them the good news. We then had a romantic dinner at Olivia's, where we had our first date. The wonderful day was capped off by celebrating with friends at Simeon's, a local bar/restaurant.

Q: Did you know anything about gowns before you had to shop for one?

A:I'd looked at a lot of pictures in magazines and online before I went shopping, so I was familiar with the styles that I liked. I had a good idea of what I thought I wanted, but my trip to Kleinfeld was my first time actually walking into a bridal salon. Before we left, I showed my brother, Andrew, pictures of dresses that I liked, and I pointed out the features that were most important to me so he would know what to look for while we were shopping.


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