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Say Yes to the Dress: Randy Fenoli Interview

posted: 03/23/11
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Randy Fenoli

Get ready for the new season with some words of wisdom from Randy Fenoli. Take a look at what he has to say.

What was your very first job? - Deborah H.

My first official job was working as a cashier at a gas station. They later promoted me to manager to open up their new gas station/convenience store.

I have worked as a waiter, a hairdresser, make-up artist, personal chef, and was a bridal gown designer for almost 15 years.

What's your opinion on colored dresses? - Alyssa K.

Unless a bride is going with a very soft pastel color, I would rather her wear a soft white or ivory. I think white makes a bride stand out from the rest of her guests and I am a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to weddings. If you want to wear color, you may want to save it for your shoes. This way your guests will only get a peak of color when the tip of your shoe is exposed from under your gown.

What is the best thing to do with your wedding dress after the wedding? - Stevie L.

A lot of people will tell you to preserve it. For me I would have it spot cleaned only, and then if it's light enough, hang it in the back of your closet with a plain white cotton sheet draped over it. If the gown is heavy, lay it down in an acid free box. Definitely keep it in a cool, dry place away from light. I prefer the dress not be sealed up in a box. This way you can take it out whenever you want and admire it.

What got you into working with wedding dresses? What inspired you to work in bridal fashion? - Dixie W., Chelsea C., and Maureen L.

I have always loved fashion and actually sewed my first dress for my Mother to wear at work when I was nine years old. I continued to sew my entire life and then studied at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. While I was in school I entered a contest for bridal and won. The day after graduation, I started designing wedding gowns under my own name for The Diamond Collection and bridesmaids dresses for Dessy Creations. I feel that a wedding gown is the most important gown a woman will ever wear and am happy to be a part of this special moment in her life.

Did anyone ever buy that White Chocolate dress after the Nigerian bride Sola walked away from it? - Lin P.

Everyone asks this question! I must admit that I was disappointed when Sola didn't buy it. It looked like it was made just for her. The designer only made one dress of that style and a lucky bride finally bought it last year on sale.

Are there any rules as to how the groom should choose his suit to go with the brides dress? - Melissa P.

Remember Ladies, it's your fiance's wedding too! He will be standing beside you in almost every photograph and needs to look just as hot and sexy as you do! His suit or tux should coordinate with your theme of your wedding and have the same level of formality. Please make sure his suit or tux fits properly! Most guys buy suits too big and they look like they borrowed it from their father!

How do you feel about bridesmaids all wearing different dresses? I really wanted to dress mine according to their personalities. - Kisha L.

I think it's great that you realize that every woman has a different body shape and they may not all look great in the same style! However, I do think they should all be in the same color, and fabric if possible. No rainbow bridesmaids please!

How do you keep so fit? - Sam G.

I have to give credit to my Mother for giving me her good genes. Believe it or not, I am usually struggling to keep weight on me! I eat more than most people would believe; however, I do not like to snack between meals. I am also on my feet all day running around after dresses!

How much do veils have to match the dress? - Anna T.

Keep this in mind: Accessories will either elevate or depreciate your look, so choose them wisely! A veil should compliment you and your gown. If you are considering wearing an heirloom veil that has sentimental value to you, I don't think it has to match. Most people at your wedding will realize that the veil is being worn because it is holds special meaning to you.

For ladies that are large in the shoulders and chest, what style of dress do you recommend? - Sara L.

This is a trick question! I don't believe in labeling people because of their body type or shape and then tell them this is what you should wear. You could be 4' 11'', weigh 100 pounds and have a tiny waist and hips, or you could be 5' 11'', weigh 250 pounds and have a curvaceous figure. Remember, every body is different and every dress is cut differently! Having said that, I say if you have large shoulders and a fuller bust, you may want to choose a fuller skirt that will balance your silhouette. Keep in mind that most women want to have an hourglass silhouette. Proportion and silhouette are two of the most important things to consider when choosing your dress. Look at yourself closely in the mirror. Also make sure you are wearing the dress and that the dress isn't overpowering, or "wearing" you!

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