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posted: 11/15/11
by: TLC
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Randy Fenoli

Some wedding gowns need a train.

Others require a semi-truck.

Every Friday on TLC's Say Yes to the Dress, Randy Fenoli makes brides' fantasies come true. He's the ultimate FOB (friend-of-the-bride), one of the most trusted names in bridal fashion and every bride-to-be wants to work with him. But what's a girl to do if her budget doesn't include a trip to New York?

Never fear. It's Randy to the Rescue: The Ultimate Bridal Event!

For the first time ever, Randy is going where no couture-loving bridal fashion director has gone before - off the runway and behind the wheel of a big rig - to bring his favorite gowns, his unsurpassed dress knowledge, and his signature "head-to-hem" styling approach to you!

Randy will serve as host to a series of the most fabulous bridal style events around the country. Eight cities across the US.Hundreds of gorgeous gowns from the bridal world's most exclusive designers.One chance for a personal consultation with Randy himself.

Randy will roll into town with his bridal salon on wheels, and kick off each event with a special presentation tailored to the bride-to-be. He'll dish out his top tips on bridal style, do's and don'ts, and the hottest trends for the season. From dresses and accessories to makeup and hair, it's the complete look from head-to-hem.

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