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Meet Andrea Penoyer

posted: 01/17/11
Meet Andrea Penoyer of the Police Women of Broward County. See
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Meet Andrea Penoyer of the Police Women of Broward County. See more pictures of Andrea Penoyer.

Andrea Penoyer was born and raised in Broward County so she knows first hand just how dangerous her home turf can be. She entered the Police Academy at 20-years old, has steadily climbed the ranks, and now represents one of the highest caliber detectives in her department. Andrea is an integral part of the Street Crime Unit where she deals with drug dealers and users day in and day out. She enjoys time off with her son Dominic, her fiance Ozzy and his two children Bryana and Josh.

Favorite Movie: Three Amigos and Robin Hood Men in Tights

Favorite color: It was orange when I was little (because I loved orange cats); now I'd say it's blue because it makes me think of the ocean.

Favorite food: Depends on my mood ... but I could really go for a Chimichanga right now!

Go-to drink: ZzZzZz ... COFFEE!

Delicious dessert: Does Cinnamon Toast Crunch count as dessert?

Favorite television show: Police Women of Broward County, of course! (but I think the little blonde one has a really annoying voice ... "HANDS!" LOL)

Favorite recording artist: It depends on my mood ... Beyonce when I need to be empowered, Uncle Al when I want to dance (it's a Miami thing), Journey when I want to do Karaoke!

Top 2 songs that will make me dance: Pretty much any 90's Miami bass music ... brings me back to school dances with my friends!

Favorite sports: Obviously, I like to watch any sport the kids play! I don't even care if their team is winning, I just like to watch them determined, focused, and having fun. For me, I love boxing and MMA.

High school activities: My favorite subjects were science (I love to know why things happen) and math (I love to figure out problems). I was in Chorus and Art. I used to be in a lot of art shows for my school.

I had a job at a vet and did volunteer work at a shelter every day after school (and on the weekends).

My pets: Do I have pets?! Of course I have pets! Cronus and Daeja are my dogs, Sypher is my cat, Hurley is my rat, and Parker is my tarantula. I also have several temporary "rescues" who visit the Penoyer Wildlife Sanctuary (that's the unofficial name of my house!).

Favorite places to travel: Why travel? I live right next to the beach! Who could ask for more than that?! Well, that, a hammock, and of course my family to share the experience with.

Favorite holiday to celebrate: Christmas! I have timeless family traditions (like Christmas tree shopping, decorating, music, hot chocolate) from when I was a kid that I do with my family now.

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