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Meet the Officers of Police Women of Dallas

posted: 01/17/11

Sergeant Tracy Jones is a veteran cop who's seen it all after fifteen years on the job. She's cool, confident, and always in control. On the streets, Tracy's as tough as they come. Tracy doesn't tolerate disrespect, and she'll make certain you know it. But when her shift ends, that stern facade melts away as she heads home to her teenage daughter, Kaylon. Out of the uniform, Tracy's a loving single mother, who isn't afraid to laugh, cry, or show her tender side.

Officers Mia Shagena and Sara Ramsey could easily pass for college sorority sisters if it weren't for the guns and badges. But, don't let their dimples and bubbly personalities fool you. These young partners have honed their street smarts working one of the grittiest beats in the Northeast district of Dallas. Whether they're busting drug dealers or chasing down bad guys, these two can definitely hold their own. Off duty, Sara is a loving fiance engaged to another officer, and Mia is a happy, single, twenty-something living in the big city.

Officer Beth Burnside is a member of Dallas Police Department's elite Crime Response Team. She spends her days working with a group of pro-active officers, targeting high crime areas. Beth is a Texas girl, born and raised, who loves nothing more than putting bad guys behind bars. Beth's unrelenting determination even earned her "Rookie of the Year" honors when she was just out of the academy. At home, Beth and her officer husband Dion, enjoy a rich family life with their two young children, Kara and Jackson.

Senior Corporal Melissa Person grew up in the Dallas area, and is a street-tested nine-year veteran of the DPD. Melissa works the notorious South Central Division and, if you ask her, she wouldn't have it any other way. She's aggressive, outspoken, and relentless when it comes to chasing down criminals. On the job, Melissa's determined to do whatever it takes to get her man. Off the job, Melissa's a single mom raising three kids - Turner, Katherine, and her youngest, Alistair.

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