posted: 05/04/12

Disclaimer: Applicant agrees to pay all federal, state, and local taxes, including income, use or sales taxes or any other governmental charges imposed on prizes, including the value of any goods or services received and cash gifts, if any, given to me or received by me by reason of my participation in the program and I release and indemnify producer from any liability therefor. I also authorize producer to deduct or withhold any such taxes or charges that require a payment prior to delivery of said prizes, cash or gifts.


Style by Jury is casting! Are you or is someone you know a fashion victim in need a makeover? Are your looks keeping you or them from moving forward in some aspect of life?

  • Does your friend, wife or mother need a hair, makeup and wardrobe update?
  • Are you a single mom or divorcee struggling to make yourself a priority?
  • Are you putting everyone's needs before your own?
  • Do you hate to smile because you're afraid to show your teeth?
  • Have you survived a hardship or an obstacle that has left you feeling unattractive?
  • Have you gone through a bad breakup and you haven't bounced back physically or emotionally?
  • Do you feel like your looks in general have held you back from a job or relationship?

If this is YOU or SOMEONE YOU KNOW: Please e-mail us at your name, age, contact information, recent photo and why you or someone you know is deserving of AND in need of a full makeover.


Bride by Design is casting! Are you looking to buy a CUSTOM, one-of-a-kind wedding dress? Have you tried on countless wedding dresses but can't seem to find the one?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, look no further: Heidi Elnora, dress designer extraordinaire, and her amazing team are getting ready to create YOUR PERFECT DRESS! We are currently casting for outgoing new BRIDES-TO-BE who would like to have their wedding dress adventure filmed for Bride By Design.

To apply, send us your contact info (full name and phone number), your wedding date, dress budget, dress size and sample photos to or apply here:


Curvy Brides is casting! Ready to be around consultants who know how to help you get your size 8 to size 30 body into an once-in-a-lifetime dress?

If you're a bride-to-be having a hard time finding a fantasy fit for your unique shape, then this is the TLC bride show for you! So, if you or someone you know is willing to shop at Curvaceous Couture on camera, then send us your contact info (full name and phone number), your wedding date, dress size and sample photos to


My Strange Addiction is casting! Think you have an unusual compulsive behavior or strange addiction? Does it consume your life, affect you relationships, like these twins?

If you or someone you know is suffering from a strange addiction and would be interested in participating in our program, please send us a short description of your unusual behavior and the impact it has on your daily life to: Please make sure to include your name, age, city of residence, a current photo, and a phone number or email where you can be reached for further questions.


TLC's new series OMG EMT! is now seeking wild, unbelievable and/or ridiculous stories involving EMT or rescue calls. We're looking for EMTs, Paramedics, Firefighters, Nurses... just about anyone to tell their outrageous OMG EMT! stories. We are seeking downright hilarious, surprising, awkward, and amusing stories of rescue or assistance to be reenacted by actors. The privacy of patients, medical professionals and others connected with the story will be respected. Looking for stories where the individuals lived - and later, LAUGHED - to tell about it! We're looking to uncover the lighter side of the serious business of saving lives. From the funny, to the strange, to the downright RIDICULOUS stories that happen in the world of EMT calls.

Please email and make sure to include your name, contact number, a current photo, and info about the incident. SUBMIT YOUR STORIES NOW!!!!


Have you found your one true love abroad? Was the man or woman of your dreams simply overseas? If you and your foreign fianc? are looking to walk down the aisle in America, we want to be there! TLC is currently seeking couples to feature on our docu-series 90 Day Fianc? that follows the day-to-day efforts of couples planning to enter the U.S. on a K-1 Visa. Any age, ethnicity, and gender may apply. If interested in sharing your unique journey, please email us at


Do you and your partner have a fun and unusual story where a sexual mishap lead to an Emergency Room visit? We want to hear from you! Email us at with your name, email address, phone number, a photo, and a brief description of your story or call 818-563-4131.


Are you struggling with extreme weight AND dealing with a major life crisis? If you are plus sized and getting married, have issues with hoarding, struggling with addiction that is not food related, incarcerated, have a twin, or preparing for catastrophe, we would like to hear your story. If you are Big and Bold and want to share your life story email us at Please include your name, age, your city and state, how much you weigh and a photo. Also tell us about your life and the emotional and physical challenges you are facing.


Are you considering wearing a loved one's old wedding dress, but it's outdated or doesn't fit? Our experts will transform your hand-me-down dress into the dress of your dreams while also taking your to the top bridal boutiques to find a new dress within your budget! Which one you wear is up to you! Send your name, contact info, photo of yourself, photo of the old dress, wedding date and why this show is perfect for you to


Calling all neat-freaks in the DC Metro Area! A new web series is currently casting quirky couples that love each other but just can't stand living together due to the other's standard for cleanliness (or lack thereof). Participants will be rewarded for their time with a brand new Dyson vacuum cleaner as well as get their house sparkling clean! Get the details here.


If you or someone you know is interested in sharing an obsession or a collection, contact us at Please make sure to include a brief description of your obsession, your name, age, city of residence, and a phone number or email where you can be reached for further questions.



Are you the thriftiest person in your circle of friends? Is cheap a way of life for you? Do you cut costs by any means necessary? If you or someone you know loves to save a buck or pinch a penny then we want to hear from you! Email us at


We're looking for soon-to-be brides who are shopping for a wedding dress in the greater Metro Atlanta area. If you are interested in allowing us to film your experience for an upcoming reality show, submit your information now.


Are you a bride planning an outrageous or extravagant winter wonderland or holiday wedding and still shopping for your dream dress? If so, the hit show "Say Yes to the Dress" wants to hear from you! Filmed at Kleinfeld Bridal, the world's premiere bridal salon -- located in NYC. Apply online at Kleinfeld Bridal.


Do you want to say "I Do?" on TLC for a chance to win a fantasy honeymoon? If you're getting married within an hour of New York City in 2014 or 2015, tell us now about your big day plans. For more information on how to apply to be on the show send your wedding date, contact info, and a photo of you and your fiance to:

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