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posted: 01/04/12
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Ami James from NY Ink.

Any advice on designing my own tattoo? - Shelby

I always work with someone to design. If I need to change it to make it aesthetically better, I always make them a part of it.

What is the most popular design you have repeatedly done? - Reddlovesgreen

In the history of tattooing, tribal arm bands. I haven't done them in years, but I used to. The popular design these days is cherry blossoms.

Have you done any Michael Jackson tattoos ? - AnitahMJ

No, I haven't.

Do you prefer color or grey wash when tattooing?- Inked and Proud

I prefer color. I enjoy it, it's what Japanese style usually is.

What do you think of tattoos without the black outline? Do the colors stay? - Jennifer

Tattoos with no outlines will usually bleed apart.

Do you find it easier to do pet portraits or humans? -- Celticslovr

I don't specialize in either one, but I like to do human portraits since they're a lot more fun to do.

I'm just curious, ever done a Star Wars tattoo? - CamelotCasper

I have definitely done some Stars Wars tattoos. I have done a Darth Vader and a Yoda before.

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Ami James from NY Ink

What's your favorite band Ami? - Bonita

That depends what genre we're talking about. My favorite all-time band is too hard to say. If I had to listen to one band for the rest of my life, I would put it between Black Sabbath and The Clash.

What was the first tattoo that YOU got? - Amanda

The first tattoo I ever got was on my leg when I was 13 and it said "Miami Punks" on it. My first professional tattoo was a dragon when I was 15.

Out of curiousity how many tats do you have?- Reddlovesgreen

I have one big one. At this point it's all connected. I stopped counting at 80.

What's your New Year resolution?- Ho-Wei Yen

Do I have to make one?

Who inspires you (in general)? I'm only 18 and you are one of my biggest inspirations. - Eric

I get inspiration by seeing people achieve great things when the odds are stacked against them.

What would you be doing on a day when you're not tattooing, not designing and not painting?- Martin K.

Wow, you just took everything away. I would be spending time with my kid.

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Tattoo by Ami James.

Where is the most painful place to get a tattoo? - CindyB

I would definitely say the back of the knees.

In your experience, do women or men sit better for larger tattoos? Or is it more of an individual tolerance type of thing? - Kellie

Women definitely sit better.

Is there anyone famous/non famous you'd like to tattoo? - Rachael

I'm happy to just tattoo people that appreciate my art. I appreciate when people come to me and want my art.

What advice would you give someone that is getting their first tattoo? - Traci

Definitely put a lot of thought into it.

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Antonio Rodrio Nogueira's Tattoo by Ami James.

Hey Ami, just wanted to know what was the toughest tattoo you've ever done? - Reddlovesgreen

I think the toughest designs are usually big circles. I did one design that was a gigantic compass on the back, which was the toughest thing to do.

I wonder if there are any tattoos that you refuse to do? - Sanne

I don't do racial tattoos or any negative tattoos. Anything that will offend the masses - and no gang tattoos.

Have you ever done a tattoo that someone didn't like after you finished? - Gingerlove09

God, I hope not. I did in the beginning I'm sure. You know when you first tattoo, and you're starting out, they're usually horrendous.

What's the most ridiculous tattoo request you've heard/been asked? - Shay

It would have to be stars on the temples. And I still get it.

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Tattoo by Ami James.

How many hours have you done on one tattoo in a sitting? - Alisha

Nine hours is probably the longest I've worked on somebody.

What is the craziest sports related tattoo you have done?- Superfan

I think I've done a basketball going through a hoop with chocolate dripping off of the ball.

Hi Ami, have you ever had someone pass out during a tattoo? - Kelly

Yeah, I have. My best friend and partner Mark passed out during a tattoo, which lead to everyone laughing. And it was just a tiny tattoo -- just a heart or something.

Your oldest/youngest person you did a tattoo for? - Wendy1980

I've never tattooed anyone younger than 18 and the oldest was 88. The 88-year-old got a daisy.

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