Bobbie Lloyd’s Ep. 1 Recap: Hometown Dessert

posted: 06/23/14
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Bobbie Lloyd

It's Go Time

For the first competition of the season, each team was asked to prepare a dessert that represented their hometown. The contestants that stayed true to themselves are the ones that, in my mind, excelled in this competition.

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I loved the hometown "biscuit" that Julie and Danielle presented. I had just made classic cinnamon rolls the weekend before and thought it was smart that they made them with biscuits rather than traditional dough, given the time constraints. It's always a challenge to make them for breakfast because they are made using yeast dough. I make mine the night before so they can rise in the refrigerator overnight. Julie developed this recipe so that she could quickly put together biscuit dough in the morning, form it like the classic cinnamon roll and bake them right away. Very clever!

Some of the other teams were shocked that Julie and Danielle won the first round. They chose something authentic to their experience level and executed it really well. A close second was Al and Lia who made a gooey butter cake - a dessert that is very Midwestern and reminded me of desserts I ate growing up (I'm from Chicago, with family in Central Illinois). They added a slight twist and executed it beautifully. I was very impressed with Lia's baking skills, but thought that Danielle and Julie really created something unique.

Getting to Know NYC

It was tough on some of the teams during the cake building competition. Everything was new and they didn't get an opportunity to talk to each other or to Buddy, Jacques and me. Before building the cakes, they were tasked with getting around NYC and were running blind. Lack of sleep, combined with learning how to navigate in New York, is no easy task. It was interesting to watch how each team approached the challenge. Some were very organized with a well-thought-out plan. In others, we saw how they lacked the ability to work together. This was really detrimental to their ability to complete the task in the given time. Brandy and Ginger, for example, clearly had a lot of difficulty in sharing the responsibilities. With 16 hours of combined time, they should have been able to create something really spectacular. Compare what they did to Al and Manny, Al and Lia and Kai and Rox - there's no comparison.

Kai and Rox - who won the challenge - were very smart in their choice of design. If you are going to go big, make sure you can execute and accomplish it in the allotted time frame. Kai put her time into creating the structure and the finishing work. She knows her strengths well and played up to them. Rox has a different skill level and followed direction really well. They balanced each other out and were able to produce the tallest cake, which was executed beautifully. Plus they have a great backstory - how could you not love them? Building a large cake like that is tricky. You need to be a carpenter and an architect to understand the mechanics of construction. They nailed it.

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