Bobbie’s Episode 7 Recap

posted: 08/06/14
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Bobbie Lloyd

This episode encompassed the value of some very important skills of owning or working in a bakery. Teamwork is important in any type of working environment, but when it comes to working in a bakery, this component can make or break your business. While most team members have become accustomed to working with one partner, many have not yet had to collaborate in a bigger group. I knew this challenge could get very interesting, especially when I considered all of the contestants' dynamic and diverse personalities!

Creating gravity-defying cakes requires patience and precision. Each team was smart to approach the challenge calmly. However, I knew they were all very excited because of Buddy's clever prize idea, the trip to Cabo.

Bethany and Jennifer were very strategic in their thought process. They are both confident in their ability to see the big picture, come up with a plan they knew they could execute in the given time and then get the job done.

Al and Manny have proven from the first episode that they like to "go big." However, this is not always the smartest approach. I loved their topsy-turvy oven cake and thought it was a great idea. Though they thought the flange was tight, the team should have checked and double-checked and then checked again. They have all had issues with cake malfunctions, so at this stage there is no reason to have a cake fall.

It's a sad moment in "Next Great Baker" history when a cake falls. The team had spent so much time and effort on this cake and worked well together. To fear losing and being placed on the bottom because of a fall is just plain sad. I think you can tell by the look on my face that I wanted to cry for them.

While teamwork is an important general working skill, making flowers is a necessary skill for any cake decorator and especially the Next Great Baker! Just like a great suit makes the man and accessories complete a woman's outfit, flowers make the cake. Wedding cakes are generally chosen on the foundation of beautiful flowers and the more impressive the flowers, the more impressive the overall cake.

There are so many options with edible flowers from buttercream, fondant, chocolate, and sugar work to fresh flowers. The more realistic the flowers are, the more impressed your guests will be. Plus, every little kid can't wait to eat the flowers off his or her first birthday cake! Jose is such a great cake designer and decorator. I'm sure he has a million fans already and will go really far in the cake world. Aimee provided such great support and learned an awful lot during this competition. They will be missed.

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