Bobbie’s Episode 6 Recap

posted: 07/30/14
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Bobbie Lloyd

I was really excited to have Theresa Caputo aka The Long Island Medium as the guest judge for this episode - she added a wonderful dynamic to the competition. Theresa's big personality and style (those nails! the accessories and clothes!) made this already difficult challenge even harder. The team that ultimately won did the best job of incorporating these personal touches into the design and executing them really well.

Creating a life-size cake combines a lot of techniques - from getting everything perfectly to scale to successfully implementing details, like Theresa's hair and nails, so that the person is instantly recognizable. Sculpting is very complex because you are working with materials that must be put together in a structurally sound manner so they can later be moved - no easy feat given the size of the cake.

Since this cake was going to a charity event, the teams really needed to create something with a big "wow" factor. It was really important that they created something that showcased their skill level and talent. A life-size cake is so much fun to present - especially when the real life person with such a big personality is there to give approval!

Once the teams were able to build the structure, they worked on making the life-sized cakes look as close to Theresa as possible. Each team had to use the measurements they had taken at the beginning of the challenge to correctly scale the length of her arms and other body proportions.

Like all of the contestants, I have never built a life-size cake - I was impressed with what they were able to do with the amount of time they had. I thought they did a nice job of playing to each team member's strengths. Both teams benefited by having the ladies work on the fine details while the guys (mostly) worked on the structure. In the end, it came down to the details. Both teams did some amazing work, including incorporating some fun elements like Betsy the Tape Recorder.

This week's elimination challenge was certainly interesting! I've never sculpted someone's face before, so I felt for the contestants who didn't have any experience in doing so. The face is very challenging - you have to get the size, proportion and facial expression just right. Unfortunately, the tan team wasn't able to successfully execute my facial expression and glasses. In the end, we had to send them home.

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