Bobbie’s Episode 5 Recap: Frighteningly Delicious

posted: 07/23/14
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Bobbie Lloyd

Last week's hamburger and hot dog cakes were so successful that no team was voted off. As a result, the teams were all a bit anxious at the start of this week's filming - they all wondered what was going to happen next. I'm sure no one guessed that they were going into a fake chocolate chip cookie baking competition - a great way to get them in the spirit of this week's spooktacular challenge!

I have to admit, as a chocolate chip cookie fan, I was disappointed not to be able to sample any of them.

Not everyone loves horror films, so it was an interesting challenge for some teams. Personally, I'm terrified of psychological thrillers - I think what lurks beneath the surface is much scarier than Frankenstein or a mummy. The old classics with Boris Karlof and Vincent Price are more up my alley.

I loved the way the teams approached this challenge. Even though the cakes were pretty gory, they each told a story and were fun in their own way. It was really interesting to see how everyone worked together while wearing straitjackets - it was pretty impressive what they were able to accomplish!

For some teams, especially those who have become friendly during the course of the competition, it becomes more difficult to go head-to-head in the challenges. They root for each other, but know there can only be one winner. In the end, everyone is hoping the team that's their toughest competitor is eliminated so it's easier for them to go head-to-head.

Having "Freddy Krueger" as a guest judge definitely spooked the competitors - he knows horror better than anyone! Overall, the cakes were an impressive collaborative effort, but the Red and Black team (Zombie Baker Cake) and Maroon and Tan team (Bloody Bride Cake) struggled with the on-site delivery of their cakes. It's an important and often very challenging part of creating sculptural cakes like this - you have to plan your execution, as well as delivery, and make sure both go smoothly.

For the elimination challenge, the teams had to incorporate some pretty crazy ingredients (pork belly, grasshoppers, blue cheese, dragon fruit, wasabi, and chili powder). I was very excited to see what each team would come up with. Personally, I would have made a chocolate caramel cake using the pork belly, grasshoppers, chili and wasabi. To me, these elements play well off of each other - the saltiness of the pork, the crunch of the grasshoppers, smokiness of chilies and the kick of the wasabi are all a nice fit with chocolate and caramel.

The black team really went for it in this challenge, combining dragon fruit, wasabi, blue cheese, pork belly and grasshoppers. It was my first time tasting a grasshopper - it was salty and crunchy and surprisingly not that bad. It would make a nice garnish to a salad - I might try to slip them into my kids' lunchbox one day! The red team's choice of blue cheese was hidden instead of celebrated in the red velvet cupcake recipe and, unfortunately, just didn't work for this challenge.

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