Ep. 3 Recap: Winter Picnic

posted: 07/16/14
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Bobbie Lloyd

This episode was so much fun to shoot! Now that we're a few episodes in, you can see how the teams are becoming friends and collaborating (for the most part, at least). It's wonderful to see how hard they teams are working and how well everyone is working together. But, at the end of day, there is only going to be one team that wins.

Every team is a bit different and, as a result, each team interacts differently together. David and Elaine are a cute couple that approach each competition in a helpful, humble and kind way. They are both so grateful to be in the competition and bring a talent to the table that is appreciated by all. On the other hand, there is a bit of tension between Jose and the Jersey boys that can grate on the other competitors (and the audience)!

We've seen how teamwork helps everyone accomplish their goals and how not having that camaraderie can be detrimental. Bottom line: When everyone is working together to get the cake done, the whole team wins.

The teams definitely had to work well together to make the cakes for tonight's challenge. It was so exciting to see the design details the teams came up with. The hot dog and hamburger were very difficult to get up on the display platform - they were the heaviest cakes the teams have made so far. As you can see in the episode, it took a small village to get the cakes in the right spot. All the big boys jumped in to help - even Buddy. He ended up slipping and falling under the table a bit. I had visions of headlines like "Buddy crushed under the weight of a 400-pound hamburger!"

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