Ep. 3 Recap: Wedding Bells

posted: 07/08/14
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Bobbie Lloyd

This week's wedding cake challenge was a lot of fun! Who doesn't love, love?! It was great having Sean and Catherine on the show and hearing about their wedding. I got married in 1997 when the cupcake trend for weddings was first taking off. As a result, I chose to have carrot cake cupcakes (my favorite!) for my wedding dessert rather than a traditional tiered wedding cake. We had 180 cupcakes, each with a bride or groom on top.

While cupcakes are still very popular as a wedding dessert option, I think traditional tiered wedding cakes are will always be in style.

We find that many of our customers at Magnolia Bakery are looking for a beautiful tiered wedding cake, sometimes in addition to other desserts like cupcakes, mini pies or cookies and brownies. Magnolia Bakery recently launch a beautiful selection of tiered wedding cakes in a more than 20 styles in five categories: classic, lacework and ruffles, rosettes and flowers, beading and pearls and fancy frills. (You can find more information on Magnolia Bakery's tiered wedding cake designs here: or reach out to our events team at for more information).

This competition had its own unique set of challenges, particularly because each team had to work together, while being separated from their partners. In order to work well together - particularly with people you don't normally work closely with - you need to be able to communicate well, work well under pressure and understand the needs of your customer.

It was very interesting to see how the teams worked together for this challenge. Kai and Rox and Julie and Danielle struggled to develop a solid concept for what a Vegas wedding cake would look like, which showed in their end result. Much like last week's episode, teamwork and leadership were essential to creating a beautiful cake. The teams that were able to communicate well were able to execute their cakes in the allotted time and create something that was really impactful.

Julie and Danielle, in particular, struggled with teamwork. They needed a design that they could execute beautifully in the given time - and this concept wasn't it.

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