Bobbie’s Finale Recap: Vegas Baby

posted: 08/20/14
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Bobbie Lloyd

As we headed into the final episode having just gone through the elimination of Kai and Rox, everyone was on edge. They had to clean up, pack up and head to Vegas on very little sleep. Everything travels with the team. It's not just the camera crew and their equipment. It's everything but the kitchen sink - ingredients, tables, fondant, modeling chocolate, kitchen supplies, wood, flange and pipe. You name it, it's on the airplane.

Al & Lia and Al & Manny didn't know what to expect - not knowing the location of the final competition and having that big crowd watching the whole thing, made the already difficult challenge that much harder. The day started early for the teams. The challenge to create an eye-catching, stop-you-in-your-tracks display cake for the grand opening of Carlo's Bakery Las Vegas is BIG. They also had to work in front of a crowd with an open kitchen AND finish this cake in 12 hours. Al & Lia have this hyper concentration that works for them as a team. Their inspiration -- the Venetian lobby display -- was brilliant. I liked the idea of tying together the fact that Carlo's Bakery is in the Venetian Hotel. It was simple, elegant and befitting the hotel. They get right down to business and stay focused on the job at hand.

Italian fountains at the Venetian was a good starting point, but Al and Manny seem to have the same issue in almost every challenge. They overthink the process, go too big and have difficulty delivering. They seemed to have difficulty right from the start. Not one of their angles was straight. We were all shocked and brokenhearted for them when they scrapped their initial concept because they couldn't get it even. To start over with only a couple of hours left took a lot of guts. The Jersey boys basically ran out of time. With so little time left they had to throw the cake together. Like Manny said, "A champion finishes." Way to go guys!

We were all freezing to death sitting poolside for the final judging with the entire family. And we were in Vegas, it's supposed to be hot!

Buddy's family was very honest about their opinions on both cakes. Everyone felt the pain of what Al and Manny went through. It was not an easy decision, but someone had to go home. There can only be one winner.

Watching Al & Lia open the door to Carlo's Bakery in Las Vegas brought tears to my eyes, yet again. I am so proud of them. They have crazy talent, have worked ridiculously hard and earned this great honor. They are the Next Great Bakers. We've seen some great talent this year and are so proud of everyone. I know that each of the contestants has developed their own following of fans, and I'm sure that each will go on to great success.

Thanks Buddy, it's been great! -Bobbie

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