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My Strange Addiction: Season 2 Episode Guide

posted: 07/18/11
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Jazz is addicted to growing her fingernails.
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Name: Jazz

Addiction: Growing Her Fingernails

48-year-old Jazz has been growing her fingernails for the past 22 years. Her longest nail is 24 inches and growing! Everyday tasks such as typing on a keyboard, brushing her teeth or tying her shoes seem daunting. Even though her extreme fingernails make life tough, Jazz refuses to cut her nails.

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Theresa is addicted to her 52 hairless rats.

Name: Theresa M.

Addiction: Hairless Rats

56-year-old Theresa is addicted to her 52 hairless rats. Instead of working, she spends her day feeding, cleaning and caring for her strange obsession. Her 480-square-foot studio apartment is crammed full of cages and her only daughter refuses to spend time with her because of her addiction. Despite threats from her daughter to cut off contact completely, Theresa won't give up her hairless rats.

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Evan is addicted to pulling hair from shower drains, and not just his own.

Name: Evan

Addiction: Pulling Hair Out of Shower Drains

28-year-old Evan has hidden a strange addiction from almost everyone he knows.... pulling hair from shower drains. In social situations, he heads straight to the bathroom and compulsively pulls hair out of the homeowner's shower drain. The ritual relieves his anxiety, but the addiction leaves him feeling ashamed. Evan fears the compulsion will take over his life, but doesn't know if he can stop.

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Nicole craves drywall and can eat three square feet a week.

Name: Nicole

Addiction: Eating Drywall

For the past seven years, 26-year-old Nicole has been eating the drywall. She craves the taste and will eat up to three square feet of drywall every week. The walls in her home are covered in holes from snacking, serving as a constant reminder of her addiction. Nicole knows she could be causing permanent damage to her body, but isn't sure she can quit.

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Riley is addicted to living as an adult baby. She even sleeps in a crib.

Name: Riley

Addiction: Living as an Adult Baby

25-year-old Riley lives her life as an adult baby and refuses to grow up. She sleeps in a crib, drinks out of a bottle and even wears diapers 24 hours a day. Despite her friends concern that she's missing out on life, Riley refuses to change her ways.

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Charmissa is addicted to eating dryer sheets, and continues to even though the chemicals can cause cancer.

Name: Charmissa

Addiction: Eating Dryer Sheets

35-year-old Charmissa has been addicted to chewing dryer sheets for four years. She wraps them up in toilet paper and tears off a piece when she has a craving. Chewing on them helps to calm her nerves, but the chemicals in the dryer sheets can cause cancer. Charmissa has no idea what she has done to her body and desperately wants to stop so she can be there for her three young children.

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Theresa W. is addicted to smelling gasoline. She keeps it with her at all times.

Name: Theresa W

Addiction: Sniffing Gasoline

For the past 30 years, 44-year-old Theresa has been sniffing gasoline out of a water bottle. Her addiction has gotten so bad that she can't go more than ten minutes without a sniff. She even wakes up in the middle of the night for a smell. Theresa suffers from memory loss, stomach problems and anemia, but still refuses to quit. Her family is scared for her health and desperately wants her to get help.

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Krista is addicted to her 12 teddy bears.

Name: Krista

Addiction: Teddy Bears

26-year-old Krista is a loving and caring mother... to her 12 teddy bears. Krista tends to her troop of teddy bears as any mother would: dressing them, caring for them and putting them to bed every day. She often talks more to her teddy bears than to her own boyfriend. Krista doesn't think of her behavior as a problem, but her friends and family are sick of the bears coming before them.

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Tom rides his bike thousands of hours a year, can his body take it?

Name: Tom

Addiction: Cycling

55-year-old Tom has been addicted to cycling for more than 25 years. He peddles at least 6 hours a day, seven days a week. He rides his bike at home, outside and even in his office as he works. The constant stress from cycling has made it painful for Tom to stand and he can barely walk. Doctors have warned him about the dangers of his addiction, but he refuses listen. Will Tom be able to curb his cycling before he pushes his body too far?

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Divya is addicted to taxidermy, that is, she likes to stuff animals.

Name: Divya

Addiction: Taxidermy

Divya is an attractive 28-year-old with a very unattractive addiction to taxidermy. She spends her days and nights searching for animals on the side of the road and even keeps a freezer full of dead mice - despite the risk of disease. When her friends are subjected to a surprise taxidermy session, will they be able to convince her that this addiction is taking over her life?

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Teresa is addicted to eating rocks.

Name: Teresa

Addiction: Eating Rocks

44-year-old Teresa has been eating rocks for more than 20 years. She drives up to an hour away from her Virginia home to gather the stones she finds most appetizing. She's broken teeth, choked, had severe stomach pain and trouble going to the bathroom, but still refuses to stop. Despite desperate pleas from her children to quit, Teresa continues to eat more than 700 pounds of rock every year.

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Tamara holds her pillow constantly. If she can't hold it she puts it somewhere she can see it.

Name: Tamara

Addiction: Carrying her Pillow

Tamara is a 33-year-old personal trainer whose been carrying around her childhood pillow for over 25 years. Tamara takes her pillow everywhere - to work, to the mall, on long walks - and considers it her best friend. Tamara even called off her wedding because her fianc? wouldn't accept her pillow into his life. Will therapy finally help Tamara overcome her addiction to her pillow?

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Kailyn eats plastic every day, sometimes she foregoes real food to eat plastic.

Name: Kailyn

Addiction: Eating Plastic

18-year-old Kailyn has eaten plastic every day for more eleven years - remote controls, CD cases, forks and water bottles are some of her favorites. She eats up to 15 pieces of plastic a day and even chooses plastic over food. But has eating more than 150 pounds of plastic put her health in danger? Will shocking news from a doctor finally convince her to quit this addiction?

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Gloria is addicted to bleach, she doesn't just smell it, but she bathes in it daily.

Name: Gloria

Addiction: Bleach

28-year-old Gloria has taken her addiction to bleach to the extreme - she bathes in it daily, pours it on her hand to smell while she's out and will even tear into bottles at the store so she can get a quick fix. Her family and friends think this strange addiction is taking over her life, but Gloria can't imagine a life without her bleach. But can a dermatologist convince Gloria that the bleach baths are permanently damaging her skin? Or can a therapist convince her that there's more to life than just bleach?

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