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After the Show: Mike

posted: 02/13/13
by: TLC
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Mike prepares his coffee enema.

What is the status of your addiction today?

For no specific reason other than maybe I became busier I don't do as many coffee enemas anymore. I still believe in their benefits and do maybe about 1 per week or less.

Was therapy/ doctor beneficial in helping you cope with your addiction?

We didn't really go to any therapy and the coffee enema is actually a natural method of treating other addictive behaviors so it is in itself a type of therapy. The chat we had with the physician didn't bring up any additional concerns that hadn't already been uncovered during the course of my research. There's a substantial amount of scientific evidence, including endoscopic studies and thousands of case studies that indicate coffee enemas have multiple detox benefits and after doing them for 1 year on a daily basis I feel better, never get sick, have regular bowel movements and suffered no adverse side effects that I know of. So I wouldn't say anybody helped me with the addiction, but that the addiction helped me in numerous ways.

How did being on the show and going to therapy/ doctor help you in terms of dealing with your addiction?

There was never any reason for treatment so I never started any and therefore have none to continue.

Currently, what steps are you taking to curb your addiction?

None are necessary at this point.

Do you have any words of advice for other people dealing with addictions?

Yes, don't be afraid to be honest and open about your addictions because it's only with the support of other people and your willingness to acknowledge them that you have any hope.

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