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My Strange Addiction: Where Are They Now?

posted: 06/23/11
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Josh was addicted to eating glass, is he still?
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Updates from Josh

Last time we saw Josh, he was eating glass up to 5 times a week and had consumed more than 250 light bulbs and 100 glasses in his lifetime. Now, Josh has dramatically cut back on his addiction. He's eaten glass no more than 10 times during the last couple months.

After seeing his episode aired, many people reached out to Josh to say his story helped them with some of their own problems. Josh says hearing these remarks made participating in the show worth it. He has no regrets about going public with his story, especially if the outcome has helped others.

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Lauren was addicted to bodybuilding, is she still?

Updates from Lauren

Lauren has been addicted to body building for over nine years. At her max, she has spent up to six hours working out a day and was injecting herself with human growth hormone along with other supplements.

Since the show aired, Lauren has cut back on her workouts, but continues to body build. On average she exercises two hours a day, five times a week. Lauren also cut back on some of the supplements she was taking. However, she still competes in body building contests.

Lauren has followed the therapists advice and uses yoga and meditation to help her slow down and relax. She did not continue with therapy although she thinks about it.

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Rachael was addicted to picking scabs, is she still?

Updates from Rachael

When we first met Rachael, she had been addicted to picking her scabs since she was five years old. She would sometimes pick up to two hours a day. Today, Rachael is making progress, but is still addicted to scab-picking. She's cut back significantly and even stopped for several months. But the urge to pick her scabs came back and Rachael couldn't resist. Rachael tries to curb her addiction by keeping her nails short and she no longer carries tweezers. Working a full time job also keeps her hands busy.

Rachael has not continued with therapy, but she's grateful she had the opportunity to meet with a therapist and is still feeling the positive effects. Rachael is grateful she participated in "My Strange Addiction: and feels like it helped her. She's also glad to know that sharing her story has helped others.

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