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My Strange Addition Tweets

posted: 05/03/12

Week of January 5

Deelaney: @TLC #MyStrangeAddiction is sister wives. Can't wait for its return!

jhume198: RT @TLC : #MyStrangeAddiction is I am addicted to Facebook. I spend almost 8 hours on Facebook everyday.

TotalBlocksicle: @TLC: #MyStrangeAddiction is I'm addicted to @CakeBossBuddy such a good show!

jazzy__fizz: @TLC: #MyStrangeAddiction is picking the ends of my hair, split endssss 0-o

Jenwahlberg: @TLC my strange addiction is ice cream and @NKOTBSB

cMamiVega: @TLC #mystrangeaddiction is ... folding everything I can. I can't stand anythiiing unfolded!!

PopGlitterBridg: @TLC that im a @adamlambert addict :) I love him soooooo much! :)

ashtree17: @TLC #MyStrangeAddiction is #StarTrek!

issacXguffey: @TLC Chapstick. not even kidding. im an addict of chapstick! O.o :)

Ramona44: @TLC peanut butter and sliced onion on toast

Week of January 17

AshleyAlysse: RT @TLC: #MyStrangeAddiction is Needing to have the fan on to sleep!

TaggersHelper: @TLC: #MyStrangeAddiction is: eating rice in green tea.

debbobby2003: @TLC #MyStrangeAddiction is True Crime books that I can only read during the day because they scare me at night.

yenttirb83: @TLC #MyStrangeAddiction is watcing My Strange Addiction all night, even the episodes I've already seen.

tashee87: RT @TLC: #MyStrangeAddiction is drinking white wine through my nose. Thanks deviated septum!

PrettyUnlimited: @TLC: #MyStrangeAddiction is TLC. Muah!!!!!

KellyKAK98: @TLC #MyStrangeAddiction is listening to @ricky_martin

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