Episode 1: Kesha and Lori

Episode 1: Kesha and Lori

When you first hear of someone who eats chalk or sleeps every night with their blow dryer on, the first response may be one of shock or even horror. But in watching Kesha and Lori's story on My Strange Addiction, you may be surprised to find something that you can relate to.

If you've ever turned to a bowl of ice cream when you're sad or turned on a fan to lull you to sleep, you've dealt with your own feelings by using a substance or a behavior. The secret rituals, habits, and addictions people have are much more common than people think — trust me, it's my job to hear them all.

The important (and in these episodes, fascinating) question is: what happens when harmless habits turn into strange addictions that have the power to affect — or even threaten — your life?

Dr. Mike Dow is a Los Angeles-based psychotherapist and author. He contributes as the addiction recovery expert on TLC's Freaky Eaters as well as its new series, My Strange Addiction, airing on Wednesdays at 9/8c.