Your Crinoline Crash Course in Gypsy Wedding Fashion

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by: Alia Hoyt
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Bigger is better when it comes to gypsy wedding fashion!
Image courtesy DCL

Here comes the bride ... and her 20-foot train! Gypsy wedding fashion is unlike anything you've ever seen. Bigger and bolder is better, and these brides sparkle in bone-crushing skirts for the most special day of their lives.

Some people might assume that gypsies prefer understated weddings, given how protective they are of their traditions and lifestyle. But the reality couldn't be further from this assumption, since many gypsies drop major bucks on some of the flashiest and most elaborate gowns ever worn by brides. These aren't your run-of-the-mill white A-line gowns. We'll offer you a crash course in gypsy wedding gowns -- from the giant crinoline skirts to the sexy, sculpted bodices.

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