My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Quiz


We're fascinated by gypsy culture -- especially gypsy weddings! From the courtship rituals to the giant bridal gowns, how much do you know about gypsies?

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Question 1 of 13

Which of these terms doesn't refer to gypsies?


... Gypsies are also known as Roma and travelers, but they're not referred to as wanderers.

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What do gypsies call those who aren't travelers?

settled people

... If you're one of the settled people, you're not a gypsy!

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Which of these is taboo in gypsy culture?

marrying a first cousin
getting divorced
drinking alcohol

... Divorce is a big taboo in gypsy culture -- as well as having a child out of wedlock.

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Besides her wedding, what other big occasion requires a gypsy girl to wear an elaborate dress?

a sweet 16 party
the first day of school

... Little girls wear big gowns for the first major occasion in their young lives -- communion. Some dresses are so heavy and ornate that it's tough for girls to walk in them!

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Which of these designers is known for her incredible gypsy wedding gowns?

Thelma Madine
Romona Keveza
Proenza Schouler

... Thelma Madine is featured on "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" as the go-to designer for custom creations. She's created dresses in every style, color and size for weddings and communions.

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Most gypsy girls get married:

on their 13th birthday
in their late teens
in their early 20s

... It's not uncommon for young women to start thinking seriously about marriage when they're 16 or 17.

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During the courtship period, gypsy girls are encouraged to:

be forward with boys
wait for boys to make the move
date only boys their parents have met and approved of

... In gypsy culture, boys are the aggressors and girls wait for them to make the first move.

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What's the controversial dating move when boys take girls against their will?


... When a boy grabs a girl, he pulls her aside to show he's serious about her. Some girls don't like being grabbed, and some boys think it's a bad custom.

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What do boys want from a grab?

a kiss or a phone number
nothing -- they're just roughhousing
a commitment to marry

... Grabbing girls usually means scoring a kiss or a phone number.

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Most gypsy women become:


... As the young girls on "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" explain, a woman's job is to keep the home tidy.

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What can't Irish travelers do at their bachelorette parties?

drink alcohol
wear short skirts

... At an Irish traveler's bachelorette party, like Josie's, girls aren't supposed to drink alcohol. They can still have a good time dancing, though!

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An impressive gypsy wedding dress will make the bride:

stand up straighter
get catcalls as she stands at the altar
bleed and bruise

... Some of the most elaborate gypsy wedding dresses are heavy enough to bruise a bride and make her bleed. Imagine wearing nearly 100 pounds of boning, crinoline and satin, and you'll understand why!

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Gypsy girls attend one another's weddings:

because it's mandatory in the traveler communities
to meet men
so they can eat cake

... Weddings are a great place to meet boys, so young gypsy women dress up and attend receptions.