Gypsy Fashion 101

Styling Gypsy Hair and Nails

Styling their long locks and adding some sparkle to their nails is just as important to these girls as their revealing outfits.

When it comes to gypsy girls, there's no shortage of finger bling, as manicured or acrylic nails are widely considered to be the perfect addition to any outfit. Glitter nail polish or acrylic nails adorned with rhinestones are ideal for the gypsy girl who wants her hands to shine. Some ladies buy nails with the rhinestones already attached, while others stick them on themselves, creating their own designs.

Hair and makeup are also key components of gypsies' style, particularly for big events like weddings. Gypsy ladies tend to prefer long hair to short, and brides often have 'dos that are big enough to match their supersized dresses and go with their tiaras. (That's right; their tiaras are over-the-top as well.) A bride's hair style is often designed to keep her sparkling, towering tiara on top of her head. For example, when a young gypsy girl named Bridget said "I do," she wore a partial updo with long, blonde ringlets framing her face to keep her 6-inch crown in place. She placed a large roll of hair behind the crown to prevent the sparkly headpiece from sliding back.

While these lavish hairdos are great for special occasions, the everyday hairstyles of gypsy and traveler women are much more subdued. Most have long hair which can be done up in a variety of styles. Women with shorter locks often add extensions when they want to experiment with a longer style. Makeup is similarly more dramatic for special occasions like weddings (requiring more eyeliner and bigger lashes). Gypsy and traveler women who regularly wear makeup typically try to match their eye shadow and lipstick with the clothes they're wearing that day. But this is by no means an unusual strategy. Most women who wear colorful makeup try to match it to the clothes they wear -- gypsy or not.


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