Gypsy Fashion 101

Gypsy girls' sense of fashion may seem scandalous, but these ladies are anything but promiscuous.

Let's go ahead and get this out of the way: Gypsy girls often wear extremely revealing clothing. But showing a little (or a lot) of skin doesn't mean these ladies are promiscuous. In fact, the opposite is true. Unmarried gypsy girls are forbidden from dating or even spending time alone with members of the opposite sex. And, in most cases, these young ladies have no intention of breaking the rules, which is one reason they tend to get married in their teens. In fact, the provocative clothing is largely donned in an attempt to attract male attention and find a husband. Their sexy dress becomes a way to turn heads without breaking any rules.

So how much do these girls dare to bare in their attempts to find a partner? Think tight clothes, super-short skirts and barely-there shirts. Bling-bra tops, for example, are popular with gypsy teenagers. These tops are pretty much exactly what they sound like: sparkly bras worn without any other covering. Low-cut shirts and dresses with plunging necklines are also common -- especially with well-endowed gals.

But gypsy girls tend to be as much about ornamentation as they are about attire. If a teen has her belly button pierced, the best way to show it off is with a cut-off shirt or a half-tee (tops that cover the chest but not the stomach). When these girls pick out belly button rings, they don't normally go for discrete, small studs. If gypsy ladies had a motto, it could easily be "the more sparkle, the better," and this is just as true for their piercings as it is for their jewelry, clothing and even wedding gowns. Some of the most popular belly button rings have dangling charms because they add more bling, and they're often personalized with the girl's name or favorite shape.

But there's more to unmarried gypsy ladies than short skirts and revealing tops. Read the next page to learn how they add dazzle to their hair and nails.


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