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My Big Fat Fabulous Life Podcast Episode List

posted: 10/01/15
by: Rebecca Goldberg
My Big Fat Fabulous Life Podcast
1. Pastalavista Baby!
Whitney sits down with her BFF Todd to talk all things My Big Fat Fabulous Life. From her big girl dance class, to her breakup with pasta, she delves into the Season 2 premiere. Listen here!

2. Trucks and Moving, Moving Trucks
In the latest 'My Big Fat Fabulous Podcast,' Whitney weights in on if she would ever consider weight-loss surgery, what traits she got from her mom, and what it's really like living with Buddy. Listen here!

3. The Penguin, The Life Coach and The Great Goddess
From Babs and Glenn's differing parenting styles to their family health, Whitney and Babs gab about things both silly and serious. Listen here!

4. Whitnese: The language of Whitney and friends
Buddy and Whitney tell their roommate confessions, teach us their secret language, and try to crack the case of their missing silverware. Listen here!

5. What's the Deal With You and Buddy?
Buddy joins Whitney to talk about how she handles her failures, some of their most embarrassing moments, and the famous emotional meltdown that resulted in the famous bucket of ice cream. Listen here!

6. Fashion, Fellas and Felines
Whitney and Ashley talk about the only fella to come between them, and we learn that Ashley at one point had her eye on Lennie. No joke! Plus, what's the secret to Whitney's signature style? It's all in this juicy download! Listen here!

7. How Did We Become Friends?
Whitney and Ashley sit down to talk about their strong and supportive friendship, Ashley's personal connection to no body shame, and their mutual love of Babs. I mean, who doesn't love Babs?! Listen here!

8. Tal Has Feelings For Whitney?
Things get silly and steamy when Tal and Whitney sit down to break down their true feelings about some of the most loved moments from this season. Listen here!

9. Whitney and Her Bae
From their funny moments to some pretty serious topics, Whitney and her boyfriend Lennie answer some of our most burning questions. Listen here!

10. Quality Time With Whitney and Babs
When this mother-daughter duo get together, they have us laughing nonstop! And this finale podcast is no different. Listen here!

My Big Fat Fabulous Life airs Wednesday's at 9/8c on TLC!



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