American Gypsy Do’s and Don’ts

posted: 04/09/12
by: TLC

Consider this your cheat sheet for American gypsy culture. These do's and don'ts of American gypsy culture will bring you up to speed as you watch My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding!

  • DO start planning your daughter's wedding as soon as she's born.
  • DON'T let her date.
  • DO train your girls in the art of keeping a clean house.
  • DON'T cramp a gypsy boy's style. He's free to have fun with the guys.
  • DO dress to turn heads. Short hemlines, dramatic eye makeup and sparkle are key.
  • DON'T behave as provocatively as you dress.
  • DO make sure your husband comes home to a clean house or camper.
  • DON'T live with anyone out of wedlock.
  • DO find the right guy when you're young.
  • DON'T run away with him -- unless you want to make Mom really mad.
  • DO choose a wedding dress that's over the top. Bling, lights, fur, the works. Dressmaker Sondra Celli has what you need.
  • DON'T forget to pad your hips and ribs so it doesn't bruise you.
  • DO follow your parents' house rules to the letter.
  • DON'T expect to hear about the birds and the bees before your wedding night.
  • DO throw amazing parties that the entire gypsy community comes to.
  • DON'T send formal invitations or expect an RSVP. Gypsies just show up!
  • DO have pride in your traditions and be a little suspicious of Gorgers (non-gypsies).
  • DON'T expect to always be treated fairly by the outside world. There are lots of stereotypes about gypsies.
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