About My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding


You've been watching My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and thinking that gypsies live in England, Ireland and other parts of Europe. But brace yourselves -- there are American gypsies, and we've got access into their lives like no one else can show you.

Where do American gypsies live? They live all over the U.S., but to name a few places, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina and West Virginia. Their lives are all about tradition, and they keep their families closely guarded to prevent gypsy culture from being forgotten.

You'll find American gypsies in campers, trailers and homes. They may work in the same office as you or shop in the same grocery store. But as you'll see on My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, their lives are quite different.

There are girls barely 14 years old already on the hunt for a husband. Families planning holiday dinners for hundreds of cousins. Women dropping thousands of dollars on the shortest, sheerest, most blinged-out dresses you've ever seen. Amid the celebrations -- birthdays, weddings, holy communions -- you'll get a glimpse of the discrimination American gypsies face every day.

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