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Tara’s Update

posted: 02/28/14
by: TLC
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When Tara began her weight-loss journey, she never left the house. Now, she has an active, fulfilling life.

Tara answered's questions about her current lifestyle and weight-loss progress. Her answers are below; they offer an inspiring look at an entirely new Tara.

Q: Describe your typical day.

A: My day starts at 6 am by getting the kids off to school. Then, I eat and go to the gym. I come home, cook, clean, do the laundry and maybe run errands for my mom. I then wait for the kids to come home. I do homework with my kids and spend time with the family.

Q: What kind of exercise or activity do you engage in to work toward your goals?

A: I go to the gym, I walk around some stores, and I have a great sex life! I also do free weights and aerobics.

Q: Who or what is your motivation for keeping the course of your weight-loss journey?

A: My kids are my motivation. They are the reason why I live and breathe.

Q: What is your biggest obstacle in staying on track with weight loss?

A: The biggest obstacle in my life right now is my stomach, and my hernia really needs to be repaired.

Q: How have friends and family reacted to your weight loss?

A: My friends and family are supportive. My family was concerned with my weight in the beginning. They didn't want me to die.

Q: In five years from now, how do you envision your life -- and your body?

A: I see myself at my goal weight of 180 pounds. I also see myself possibly finding Mr. Right. Mentally, I'm very strong-minded, and I'll stay that way. I'm working very hard, and, as time goes by, I'm seeing great things happen with my body!

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