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About My 40-Year-Old Child

posted: 08/08/13
by: TLC
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Gabby and her father enjoy the family's first trip to the beach.

Gabby is eight years old, but she's still the size of a baby with newborn-soft skin and fine-textured hair. She suffers from an unknown medical condition that slows her rate of aging and has affected her sight and her ability to communicate.

Two years ago, her family embarked on a journey to discover the cause of Gabby's condition. Disappointingly, cutting-edge medical testing failed to provide a diagnosis.

Now, Dr. Richard Walker, who has spent half a century studying the science of aging, has found two people with symptoms almost identical to Gabby's. Jeffrey is a 29-year-old Florida man with the body of a 10-year-old, and Audenete is a 31-year-old Brazilian woman who's still a toddler.

Can these incredible people help doctors solve the aging mystery? And will a voyage across America lead Gabby's family to some answers -- and peace of mind about the future of their other children?

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My 40-Year-Old Child