Viewer’s Top 10 Miamk Ink Episodes

6 / 10

Episode Description:  Yoji puts Bridgette on a plane to New York where she'll give birth to  their daughter.  Bridgette can only hope that Yoji will be able to make it  up there in time.  James comes in to the shop to get a tiger by  Garver to complement a dragon that Ami did over a year ago.  Nunez  gives "The Wiz", a local promoter, a neck tattoo to represent the  bond between him and his friends. Ami tattoos on old friend of his, Johnny, with some original art from Johnny's brother. Garver  gives Cindy a memorial tattoo for her father who passed away four months ago. Ami tattoos Julie with a memorial tattoo of her dog, who was killed by a car. Garver tattoos Michelle with a huge koi fish in an area that can be well hidden.  And Ami and Nunez give Rick and his son Ryan cross tattoos in two different styles to represent their  faith. Yoji's a mess waiting for news from Bridgette.  In the end, he gets to New York just in time to greet his new daughter Sidney.

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