Meet Darren Brass

posted: 05/03/12

The lovable one. Within five minutes of meeting Darren, it becomes clear that he is a teddy bear of a guy. His sweet demeanor and disarming smile can make the most nervous first-time clients feel relaxed in his chair. Because he is so nice, he is the butt of many jokes, one-liners and overall hazing by Ami.

Darren is originally from Waterbury, Conn. He is half Irish, half Polish and a diabetic. He is constantly monitoring his health and lives every day to its fullest. Along with the other guys, he definitely knows how to party like a rock star — even at the age of 33. His 5'4" frame is covered in tattoos.

Darren is 33 and married with one "child": his small dog. He received his first tattoo on his 18th birthday.

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