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posted: 05/03/12
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You just can't get enough of Kat, the Queen of Portraits. Well, today is your lucky day, buddy. We sat down with her and collected all the info that hard-core fans would wanna know.

1.  Kat Von D stands for Katherine Von Drachenberg (my father is of German descent).

2.  I speak fluent Spanish. It is my first language.

3.  I dropped out of school, but I do not want to glorify that at all. I faced many, many downfalls.

4.  My favorite tattoo artist is Kore Flatmo, who is based in Cincinnati. He tattooed the eyeball on my hand.

5.  I am obsessed with photos of downtown L.A.

6.  I have a brother and sister. I am close to both of them, and I have tattooed them both.

7.  I have a tattoo portrait of my sister on my left arm.

8.  I came to America when I was 4. I was born in Mexico.

9.  Both of my parents are Argentinean.

10.  The first tattoo I ever did was on a 14-year-old friend.  It was of a Misfits skull.

11.  In 2005, I got a chance to tattoo the Misfits drummer.

12.  I love platform heels from the '70s.

13.  I go to the movies all the time.

14.  Favorite movies: The Devil's Rejects, Zoolander, anything with Will Ferrell, Immortal Beloved, The Last Unicorn, Spinal Tap and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures.

15.  Music is a huge part of my life. It influences my dress, my work … everything!  I like everything from the New York Dolls to Slayer.

16.  I love steak.

17.  I never wanna have babies.

18.  My favorite band is Motley Crüe. Seriously. But my favorite songs are by Beethoven.

19.  My favorite Motley Crüe song is "Starry Eyes";  it's why I have stars on my face.

20.  I own three pianos. One is in Dallas and the other two are in Hollywood.

21.  I wear hair extensions (my hair is about shoulder length).

22.  I love heavy metal, everything from glam to power metal.

23.  I'm obsessed with Scandinavia, especially Finland. (I love the bands from there. I tattooed a Finnish band named Him and another named Bam Margera.)

24.  I love glitter.

25.  I own two sphinx cats (the hairless cats). One is named Hollywood and the other is Lebowski (Holly and Leebo).

26.  I own a house in Dallas. I go there about once a month to tattoo.

27.  I live in Hollywood, right in the center of everything. I can see the Chinese Theater from my apartment. I love L.A. and can't see myself living anywhere else.

28.  I love skateboarding. I skateboard to work all the time.

29.  I am obsessed with Beethoven, and I have been playing classical piano since the age of 7. I love that Beethoven was a hopeless romantic, that he left everything he owned to the mysterious immortal beloved.

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