Tanika’s Bio

posted: 01/22/15

How Tanika Describes Her Look: "Very glamorous, very lady like...a punk Barbie."

Tanika's Style Challenges:

  • Clothes that are too sexy
  • Mesh
  • Sky high shoes

What Inspires Tanika's Current Look: Growing up, Tanika says she never got a lot of attention and envied girls that did. A few years ago Tanika lost a lot of weight and the more weight she lost the less clothing she wore; in doing so she found herself getting attention, which she says has helped her self-confidence. In order to support herself and her daughter, Tanika has also taken on a job as an exotic dancer.

Why She's Come to Stacy: As a mother to a beautiful daughter, Tanika would like to dress more appropriately, for both herself and her daughter, who also wishes Tanika would dress more like a mom. Tanika hopes that Stacy's style advice will help her love herself and make her daughter proud so she can move on to the next phase of her life.

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