Serena’s Bio

posted: 02/19/15
Serena Before

Serena, 33, NYC

How Serena describes her look: "Raggedy Ann on Acid"

What Inspires Serena's Current Look: Serena is a mom to three and rarely has time to shop for herself. She's always enjoyed playing dress up, and her looks often appear to be more appropriate for her kids.

Why She's Come to Stacy: Serena would like to dress in a more adult way. Struggling with eating disorders her entire life, she often hides under layers of clothing. But she doesn't want to hide anymore - she's ready for a confidence-boosting makeover! Because of her eccentric style, strangers mistake her for a crazy "babysitter" rather than the responsible, wonderful mom that she is. Adults will not look her in the eye, whereas children love her. Can Stacy find an age-appropriate look?

Serena's Style Challenges:

  • Borrowing Her Kids' Clothes
  • Bows
  • Color
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