Rew’s Bio

posted: 02/04/15
Rew Before

Rew, "Older than Britney, but younger than Madonna," NYC

How Rew's daughter describes her look: "Time capsule from the '80s."

What Inspires Rew Current Look: The look started a few decades back and Rew enjoys shopping in her closet. Punk rock has inspired Rew's life along with her wardrobe. She's been a musician her entire life and has been dressing punk since she was about 19 and living in London. The punks in London took hours getting ready and she loved how fun that seemed.

Why She's Come to Stacy: Rew believes that hanging on to this look for her entire grown-up life has had its "moments," but now she thinks that it's time to explore some new options. Rew is a mom of two daughters and one would like Rew to be a bit more "polished."

Rew's Style Challenges:

  • Glitter
  • Chokers
  • 80s Punk
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