Nicole’s Bio

posted: 02/10/15
Nicole Before

Nicole, 36, Pottsville, PA

How Nicole describes her look: "'40s, '60s and a little bit of punk rock and shake it all up!"

What Inspires Nicole's Current Look: Nicole feels the pin-up world is embracing of all body types and celebrates the curvy woman. A few years ago, Nicole gained weight was unsure how to dress her new body, which is how she found pin-up. This style of dressing allowed her to feel beautiful and confident, but it also created something for her to hide behind.

Why She's Come to Stacy: She would like a simpler style that still flatters her curves. Nicole is not sure how to dress her body and struggles to find a happy medium between full pin-up and sweatpants and a bandanna. She does not want people to think she is dressing in a costume.

Nicole's Style Challenges:

  • Hot dog dresses
  • 1960s
  • Dresses like she's in a cartoon
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