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posted: 01/26/15
Mika Before

Mika, 30, Union City, New Jersey

How Mika Describes Her Look: "Post-apocalyptic Amazonian warrior."

What Inspires Mika's Current Look: Once upon a time Mika was a cheerleader, hanging out with the popular kids, but as time went on she felt it was too much work to keep up with the cool crowd. Instead, Mika began listening to metal and rock music and watching music videos, finding style inspiration there that informs her wardrobe and overall look to this day.

Why She's Come to Stacy: Mika's aggressive style is off-putting to people around her and she'd like to dress in a more welcoming manner. Her boyfriend, who has a more conservative look, claims people don't even know they are a couple. She says she has been dressing like this for so long that she doesn't know any other way to dress. Mika her look might be holding her back from becoming the "tattoo-ed Oprah" she's always dreamt of being -- a powerful force in media who produces, directs, hosts and does it all . Mika says she knows she needs to change her look in order to fulfill this dream.

Mika's Style Challenges:

  • Heavy Metal
  • Hard Core
  • Spikes
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