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posted: 03/20/15
Kitty Love Lust or Run Before Makeover

Kitty, 30, Las Vegas, NV

How Kitty describes her look: "'punk pin-up"

What Inspires Kitty's Current Look: Kitty has had this look for 10 years and is not sure how to dress for her age. She feels that her look is fun and outgoing, just like her personality.

Why She's Come to Stacy: Kitty's current look is not attracting the right type of man. Kitty is ready to meet someone who has goals "bigger than taco Tuesday" and someone she would be proud to bring home to meet her mom. Kitty wants to learn to embrace her age in hopes of no longer attracting juveniles.

Kitty's Style Challenges:

  • Underwear with cheeseburgers and French fries on them
  • Clothes made from latex
  • Pizza tops
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