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posted: 02/04/15
Jessie 107 Before

Jessie, 20, Staten Island, NY

How Jessie describes her look: "Showing off my body -- if you got it, flaunt it!"

What Inspires Jessie's Current Look: Growing up, Jessie was bullied in high school which made her very insecure. She was put down a lot - she was called "monkey" and "tranny." This inspired her to dress how the other girls were dressing to prove she could attract attention and go from, as she describes, "nerd to sexpot." Jessie has found this look to be a "security blanket" that makes her feel confident.

Why She's Come to Stacy: Jessie feels that her look puts out the vibe that she is a "b*tch or a slut" and that is not who she is as a person. Jessie works as a VIP waitress now, but would like to work as a police officer in New York City and realizes her look will not fly in the police academy.

Jessie's Style Challenges:

  • Fake hair, fake nails
  • Short hemlines
  • Skintight dresses
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