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posted: 02/26/15
Jessie G Love, Lust or Run Before

Jessie G, 26, Philadelphia, PA

How Jessie describes her look: "'Spooky, dark and sexy at the same time."

What Inspires Jessie's Current Look: As a teenager, she was the "all-American blonde cheerleader," but when her parents separated, she transitioned into a less traditional and much edgier look.

Why She's Come to Stacy: People make assumptions about her -- that's she's a "drug addict or worships the devil" -- based on her look. Jessie would like to open a business that would incorporate her love for animals, like a grooming center or doggie day care. Jessie understands she needs to dress in a more professional manner in order for this to happen.

Jessie's Style Challenges:

  • Halloween, skulls and pumpkins
  • Black
  • Skeleton Onzies
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