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posted: 03/20/15
Jay Before Love Lust or Run

Jay, 23, Bronx, NY

How Jay describes her look: "'punk pin-up"

What Inspires Jay's Current Look: Jay is a very shy and timid person and it's difficult for her to come out of her shell. She uses bright vibrant makeup as an ice-breaker when it comes to meeting new people. Jay has had acne since she was a teenager and makeup is a form of art for her (as well as a way to cover up).

Why She's Come to Stacy: Jay is entering the field of cosmetology and would really like to have more confidence and a more professional look so she can be taken seriously. She would like her look to not only give her more confidence but also allow others to have confidence in her.

Jay's Style Challenges:

  • Clothing that hides her body
  • Casual clothing
  • All black
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Self-Conscious About My Acne
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