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posted: 03/05/15
Love, Lust or Run Jai Before

Jai, 22, Queens, NY

How Jai describes her look: "Raunchy, urban, diva - when I walk in the room, you'll notice me."

What Inspires Jai's Current Look: Jai is an aspiring singer who knows once she makes it big, she will set trends rather than follow them. When Jai dresses in her glammed-up diva look, she feels she can take on anything in the world. In high school, Jai decided to express herself through her clothing, and as she got more comfortable with her body, she followed the mantra "if you got it, flaunt it."

Why She's Come to Stacy: Jai has come to Stacy because she needs help making her look hit the right note, so to speak. She hopes a new look will allow people to see her as professional talent rather than a professional "streetwalker."

Jai's Style Challenges:

  • Barely-there clothing
  • Short shorts
  • Mesh dresses over bathing suits
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