Harmony’s Bio

posted: 02/10/15

Harmony, 35, Brooklyn, NY

How Harmony describes her look: "Barbie meets punk rock on acid."

What Inspires Harmony's Current Look: Harmony is a fashion designer of club/rave wear, but she has decided to wear the attire as an everyday look. Harmony grew up in a strict environment and joined the Army right after high school. She felt restricted for so long that when she was able to break free, she decided to express her individuality through over-the-top outfits.

Why She's Come to Stacy: JHarmony wants to be able to dress like CEO so that she can sell her clothes, rather than simply looking like raver. Harmony needs to start doing more business in person, and she needs her look needs to be less rave and more refined so that she will be taken seriously.

Harmony's Style Challenges:

  • Hot pink
  • Plastic bracelets
  • Rave wear
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