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posted: 01/28/15
Ellie Before

Ellie aka "Alien Baby," 23, Chester Springs, PA

How Ellie describes her look: "Death rock, punk and goth."

What Inspires Ellie's Current Look: Ellie says she has always been drawn to edgy looks like punk and goth. Ellie works as a model and does everything from high end fashion to punk rock, and she is very into what she refers to as the "death rock scene." Ellie grew up with very controlling parents who set limits on everything from her hairstyle to the clothes she wore, so when she was able to break free from that she found a style that's all her own.

Why She's Come to Stacy: After 10 years of dressing in her "Alien Baby" style, Ellie has come to Stacy for help finding a new look. She would like to change the way people view her and says she "no longer wants people to move their children" upon seeing her. While she is worried that her look holds her back, she says it has become such a major part of her identity since it's been her look for so long. But she says she is ready for something new.

Ellie's Style Challenges:

  • Punk
  • Lots of black
  • Chains, spikes
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About Ellie aka "Alien Baby's" Look
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