Deanna’s Bio

posted: 01/30/15

Deanna, 31 Years Old, Astoria, NY (Jersey Girl at Heart)

How Deanna describes her look: "Jerseytastic!"

Deanna's Weaknesses:

  • Leopard
  • Bling
  • Big hair

What Inspires Deanna's Current Look: Deanna is a dance instructor who has a passion for rapping. Her rapper name is Skittles and she chose that name because she's "sweeter than M&Ms." Originally from New Jersey, she believes it's not so much a state, but rather a state of mind, and the "Jersey State of Mind" includes big hair, bling, bright colors and leopard (of course!). Deanna started dressing this way in high school, because it makes her feel special and unique. She is "nuts and [she] loves it."

Why She's Come to Stacy: Deanna understands that her over-the-top look may be attracting the wrong kind of man, as people may see her as just a party girl. She wants to find Mr. Right, and she's willing to give up some of her glitz and glam in order to find "a businessman who knows how to dress, knows how to treat a lady...knows how to keep a job."

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