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posted: 01/28/15
Barbie Before

Barbie, 23, Brooklyn, BK

How Barbie describes her look: "Sexy lingerie chic."

What Inspires Barbie's Current Look: Barbie works at a boutique in downtown Manhattan, and the boutique has inspired Barbie's look, which a friend describes as a "glamorous prostitute." While she fits into the aesthetics of her current job in retail, she knows this look can't last forever.

Why She's Come to Stacy: Barbie's look does not match her professional aspirations - she would like to run her own company by the time she is 30, and she'd like to get out of retail and get into event coordination. Barbie wants to be judged by her work rather than her look. She hopes Stacy can create a look that takes her creativity and originality and makes it into a professional look that "doesn't scare away potential clients - you know, the uptown girl."

Barbie's Style Challenges:

  • Underwear as outerwear
  • Jock Strap garter belts
  • Bralets (a hybrid of a bra, crop top and corset worn as a shirt)
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About Barbie's Underwear as Outerwear Look
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